Sunday, June 29, 2014


Assalammualaikum and Happy Ramadhan everyone! So here i am. Dah third semester dah ni. Cepat betul masa berlalu. Hm i have nothing to share right now. Maybe .. No! Actually so many things to share and confide but i'm too lazy .. 

Well, for now everything is okay. Semester three be like so busy and hmm little hard maybe. But i think its better than semester two lah. Cause i much prefer to create a website or something yang digital and i dont like benda yang kena lukis realistik. I'm not that talented :( But its okay lah.

I have so many friends (not really) but not at all i can put my trust, hm i guess. Semua ni sebab sem two punya problem lah. They stab my back. So, i need to more beware lah after this. Yeah you know, not everyone will stick with you forever. Some will leave you alone.

But, i hope you (yes you yang tengah baca my entry) will stay with me. Forever. I dont care how long you need to take to make sure you will not hurt me again but, please for this time dont go away. Please stay with me and always with me through up and down. Btw, thanks for little care that you give. I'm so appreciate it. 

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im okay. chin up and stay strong sofya!
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